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J & M Diamond Tool, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) and natural diamond tooling, diamond dressing,  cleaving tools, diamond scribers and engravers, PCD & CBN tipped inserts and miniature carbide tooling.
In addition to our regular lines we are constantly engaged in designing and manufacturing custom parts for many applications. From semiconductors to fiber-optics, our depth of experience and involvement in high technology make us uniquely qualified to solve unusual and challenging tool problems.
When J & M Diamond Tool, Inc. was established in 1972, our principals already possessed an extensive background in the diamond tool industry. As the company and our customer base has grown, we have aggressively stayed at the forefront of technology to manufacture better tooling. Our modern 18,000 square foot plant includes the most advanced Agie Wire EDM systems and the G.A.C. automatic laboratory vacuum furnace, supported by extensive quality control equipment and a full complement of high caliber, cost efficient machine tools.
All this experience and technology is focused on promptly meeting our customers' needs in the production of high quality parts and tools at reasonable prices. On request we are happy to provide engineering design assistance and alternative design suggestions. Please ask us for a quotation.
All J&M Products are made in East Providence, Rhode Island. 

We ship overnight and around the world.

Visa - Master Card PayPall   Items Shipped UPS / FedEx or as directed

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CNC wire EDM systems

Wire EDM cutting of polycrystalline tools

Precision cutting of polycrystalline diamond form tools, routers, and grooving tools. Design engineers operate our CNC wire EDM systems.



CBN and PCD grinding

 Quality Control of diamond products

Exact geometries are ground on PCD and CBN  tools with our sophisticated tool grinders.

Quality control is insured by optical inspection, mechanical measuring and dedicated people.

Some industries we serve 
Machining of engine blocks, heads, covers, pistons, valve bodies, brake cylinders, transmission cases, ceramic spark plugs and hard turning of gears.
Machining of parts made of composites, super alloys and other difficult to machine materials.
Marine engines
Machining of all silica aluminum components.
Flycutting and engraving on chains, watchcases, charms, rings and other jewelry.
For machining particle board, medium density fiberboard, composite materials such as plywood and laminates like melamine.
Turning and forming of contact lens, plastic eyeglass lens and other plastic components requiring fine finishes.
Machining of abrasive rubber parts.
Machining of armatures for fractional horsepower motors.
Machining of presintered ceramic parts.
Machining of presintered carbide parts and turning of hardened carbide header dies.
Carbon and graphite composites
Machining of abrasive carbon, graphite and composite components.
Grinding and Lapping
All types of wheel dressers for truing and forming of grinding wheels and diamond compounds for finish lapping.
Tools for scribing and chip removal for the semiconductor industry.

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